Hi Friendily Friends (that's what I call my class and a little boy this week told me how much he loves it!- so sweet)

It's a Five for Friday kind day. Thanks Doodle Bugs!

1. I am super excited to share with you this little bit of summer fun! Every weekend this June- August I will be putting one item in my TPT store on sale for $1.00!!!! You read that correct ONE DOLLAR! I have some pretty fun stuff planned to upload to that little 'ole store of mine too.

Check out this weeks product "Behavior Charts" HERE.
It will be $1.00 through Sunday night.
That's 20 behavior charts for $1.00!
Did I mention it's one dollar?

2. The weather today was AMAZING!! I so need to live in a warm climate. We still have 14.5 days left of school. But we have about a million field trips and fun stuff to squish in those days. Next week we will be rockin' out our camping unit. It is my FAVORITE thing to do all year. I picked up these fun little treasures from amazon to add to my camping collection.
worst photography ever!!
I am using these awesome products
A Camping We Will Go by Ashley Sanderson at Flying in First
Camping Capers by Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade
Think I'll need to squeeze in a trip to the local library this weekend too for some more books! If I can fit it in with the beach trip I have planning since I saw the 10 day forecast. I will be back next week with lots of camping fun fotos! Promise!

3. We had the sweetest field trip today which I have no pictures of! We have penpals at another school in our district. We write back and forth all year and then they visit us and we visit them. I didn't take pics because I am not sure of their media policy and I am an extreme rule follower. The kids love it though!! We did interviews, made bracelets, drew pictures of each other, had lunch, recess and popsicles. It was perfect. Both classes were so super well behaved.

4. I am so sad all my shows are over. That makes me sound like a bit of a dork, huh? But  I am! I feel a bit lost at night. So I am catching up on a few movies. Did you see this Lifetime movie? I {heart} me some Lifetime!!

It's called "Ring of Fire" starring Jewel (looking nothing like herself) and the creepy guy from Big Love. On my movie watching list- Side Effects, Safe Haven, Silver Linings Playbook and Identity Thief. If you have any suggestions of shows to watch I love watching a whole season in one she-bang!

5. I ordered my Erin Condren planner this week. Eeek!! I am so so so excited. I can't wait for it to arrive. Probably mid June-ish is will be here. It was a major decision which one to choose! I will keep you in suspense as to what I chose...hehehe (that's my evil laugh).

Have a beautiful weekend. Don't forget to check back each weekend for my Summer Steals!

Hi Friends!
We have a winner!! no wait- we have 3 winners. Kayla and I just love you all so much we could not pick just one winner.
Joey, Crystal & Susan.

Once again huge thanks to our wonderful contributors. You Rock!

To celebrate the giveaway and the fact it will be near 80 today (ptl) I am having a FLASH SALE!
I am most excited to share with you this new product.

I have always made fun little behavior charts for the kids where I would draw Christmas lights, add feathers to the turkey, give gold to the leprechaun, etc. But I am not an artist! Thank goodness for great clipart because now I have made them all snazzy and ready to go!! There are loads of themes- pirates, cupcakes, farm, seasonal and more! 20 in all to keep the kiddos interested all year. 
 I'll hope you check them out.

I am psyched for this product and know it will work awesome in my classroom next year. 
Perhaps you'd like to use it too.
Head out to my TPT store to check it out.
EVERYTHING in there is 15% off TODAY!!

It's another linky kind of day! I have some real "look what we did in school" blog posts to share with everyone, but this linky is way more fun than school stuff. I am linking up with A Cupcake for the Teacher to share with you my Summer Bucket List. I love making lists! Although I will admit I am much better at making them than actually accomplishing everything on them.  I often get a bit overzealous and usually only get to about 50% of my list. I think I have 3 pretty good excuses though- they are 5, 3 and 1. I currently have two summer lists going on my phone. I love using the little notes section! I never those all those important brain nuggets in there.

Without further adieu...My Summer Bucket Lists

List 1- School Stuff
1. Organize the Daily 5 Better (is that even proper English?)
     This year was an awesome first year using the Daily 5. I jumped in using it feet first after reading the book one weekend in the fall. I was hooked. I loved it and I wanted to go for it. All things considered it was a great year using it, but I'd like improve some parts. Word Work was all but forgotten and neglected by my class come December. I'd like to plan out that area better and revolve materials there to keep it high interest!! In Writing I felt my kids wrote a lot. Way more than any other class in the past. But, I'm not to pleased with how well they wrote. I'd like them to have more choices of writing styles and better editors (the bane of my existence!).

2. Lose the Desk
     Buh- bye to my desk. I have been in my current classroom for 3 years. I may have sat at my desk once..maybe. It is a big giant space sucker and it is time for it to go. But, that means everything needs to come out of it which leads me to...

3. File Cabinet Organization
    With the onset of the Common Core and all the super duperness of TPT I find I use my "files" less and less. I keep most everything digitally and I am not using Mailbox worksheets from 1997 anymore. Most of my files can move to the Land of Recycling. Bye old friends!

4. Math Workshop Fixer Upper
     I also went to a Math Workshop model in my classroom this year. It went really well and the kids love it. but again it needa organization. I saw a great pinterest on making your Math Workshop stations the 4 areas of the Common Core. I'd like to come up with a variety of activities to use monthly withiin the common core. I also think I'll be trying out Hope King's math centers.

5. Lesson Plan Now!!
     I'd really like to get ahead of my lessons plans this summer. Get my thematic units rockin' and ready to go. This is a lofty goal, but it's been on the "to do" for ages. Fingers crossed for this summer!!

Now if you made it through all the work stuff here is my FUN LIST!!
* Camping with kids and husband
* Go to water park
* Take oldest mini golfing
* Go to Six Flags
* Go to Storyland (kid's amusement park)
* Visit grandparents
* Beach beach beach beach!!!
* Lots of ice cream trips
* Celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary, my youngest's 2nd birthday, my dad's 70th birthday & my parents 45th anniversary!!

Wish me luck on getting it all done! I think I'll have no problem on the FUN LIST. The work list may take a bit more get up and go! One of my friends at school and I have joked we need to get started the day after vacation starts.

I still have 17 more days so this list seems a bit far off, but those of you with your toes in the sand already- Enjoy!

Today is so exciting. I've hit the nifty fifty of followers on my blog! 
To celebrate, my sweet bloggy friend Kayla from Meet Miss Parker and myself are hosting an
 "End of the Year Extravaganza" Giveaway!
We have some amazing contributors who have created some awesome products to help you to 
slide into summer and prep for next year! 

Apple Pocket Math Cards by Sallie Borink
Writing Prompt Collection by Bex Mawn at Reading and Writing Redhead
Summer Math Centers (Common Core) by Tiffany Teaches
Last Day Blues (A Common Core Book Study) by Jenn Holley at 2nd Grade Snickerdoodles
I Conquered Kindergarten by Heart2Teach
End of Year Gift: Summer Journal by Jenn Meighan at the The Teacher Gene
PigPen Code Breakers- End of Year Activity by Amber Haslag at Sparkles Smiles and Successful Students
3 Digit Addition Task Cards with Regrouping by Lacey Ridley at The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher
Surfin' Into Summer by Karen Jones at Mrs. Jones' Kindergarten
Stayin' Sharp in the Sunshine by Molly Lynch at Lucky to be in First
End of the Year Printable Scrapbook Project by Christine Cadalzo at Making Meaning
Lemonade Craftivity by Jen Lium at Teaching in the Tongass
Helping Hands by Becca Foxwell at Foxwell Forest
Back To School Sentence Scrambles by Katie at KTP on TPT
Super Sight Words! by Kayla Parker at Meet Miss Parker
Happy Summer by Deirdre Eldredge at A Burst of First

A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful and generous contributors! 
Please visit their stores and blogs to check out how amazing they are.

And now for the giveaway...Thanks for joining!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I had a dollar tree epiphany this weekend! I've alway struggled a bit with reading groups. My problem has been not having kids read in the dreaded round robin. I will have boys read, girls read, kids in boots, kids in sneakers, blue eyes, brown eyes and on and on. I've also assigned kids to be milk and cookies or ketchup and mustard. BUT here's the problem- first graders are a bit like Dory from Finding Nemo. They have short term memory loss. They can't remember what shoes they have on or even their eye color somedays. So that clearly takes away from the focus of the reading group. Until I found this little treasure at the Dollar Tree.
Sorry for the grainy iphone photo!

I have decided to use these sweet little die cuts to help run our reading groups. I place a die cut in front of each student and then when we go to read they know right away if they are peanut butter or jelly. BUT... wait for it....
I also made these multi functional! I added colored stickers with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on them so then I could also call on the reds, the blues, the greens or the yellows or the 1s, the 2s or the 3s. So now I have a variety of pairings in which I am listening to kids. That's 3 possible groups they can be in to read without forgetting because the visual is right in front of them. Sorry Dory! The group in the picture below is particularly large....my groups are generally smaller. We just had to double up a group this day for scheduling reasons.

Also if they do not touch their card for the whole reading group then they earn a fuzzy. You can read more about earning fuzzies HERE.

How do you manage listening to all your readers?

If you can't tell I got the cutest new blog design. Big thanks to Megan at A Bird in Hand for creating this bit of adorableness that makes me grin every time I look at it! My favorite part are those cute little buttons for facebook, pinterest, tpt, etc. don't be afraid- you can press them and pop over to see me all over the web. Feel free to follow me on pinterest, facebook and tpt. Especially with summer coming up I'll have lots of time to devote to those things. That's wishful thinking with my three kids!!

Megan used her Build Your Blog design process. It was so easy! She emailed me a kit of colors, shapes, clipart and more and I just send her back what I liked. And VOILA! she came up with this. Pop over and check her out if your blog needs some zazzing up.

I'm also linking up today with Latoya at Flying into First. 
This week we are getting acquainted by sharing two of my bloggy friends.

First up the super cute Kayla at Meet Miss Parker.

Kayla lives not too far from me so I have a special spot for her being a fellow New Englander.
She has created some awesome products too!
Her Super Sight Words pack is so fun! We will be using it lots in my first grade class next year.
I am also spying her Non-Fiction Animal Passages for our upcoming camping unit!
Her blog is fun and funny. 
Follow her on Instagram too to see all her great outfits and purchases. I really want to go shopping with her!!

First up her blog is the most adorable rainbow theme!
She Irish like me which makes me happy! 
Her products are great and I know I'll be scooping them up for back to school next fall.
I really like her new Spelling Dictionary.
I'm glad she made one because it was on my summer to do list and now I don't have to do it. 
Thanks Molly!

Check back later this week to see a lightbulb idea I had for some dollar store buys!

I just can't stop linking up!! Here a linky there a linky everywhere a linky linky!! I am linking up with Jess at i {heart} recessfor a budding blogger post. Or as I like to call myself a "baby blogger"...maybe next year at this time I'll be a tween...

1. Why did you start blogging?
I have been reading blogs since my son was born over 5 years ago and I was stuck pumping and nursing (good times!). I would surf the blogs and always wanted to join in, but after my son I had two more children. They are all now 5, 3 and 1(almost 2). So I just could not find the time to join in the club. And what a club it is!! I have been so inspired by what teachers are doing across this world. It is better than any professional development! I am so delighted to be on board now. 

2. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?

Hmmm...that's a tough one. Well, first and foremost my favorite is DANCE! I've mentioned this before, but I taught dance long before I ever taught elementary school. That will always hold a special place in my heart. In the classroom I have a hard time picking a favorite. I think I like teaching social studies the best because I can integrate all our ELA and math learning into it. 

3. Describe your teaching style.
I really try to go with a "fair, but fun" approach to teaching. I make a solid attempt at being equitable to everyone and hold them to a high standard of appropriate behavior. I try to do this will a lot of laughter and joking! Note the word "try" is in this post A LOT. First graders can be a bit tiring. 

4. Give three interesting facts about you.
I have dimples in my shoulders.
I live across the street from my mom.
I live about a mile from the beach!
I'm not sure any of those are particularly interesting!

5. Do you have a TpT store?
I do! It's a little tiny baby store, but I am very proud of the products in it. The three children mentioned above slow down product production considerably! 
I hope to spend a lot of time this summer adding to it (24 more days!!). If you like what you see and are hoping for more follow me on TPT so you can be in the know about new products. 

Click Here to zoom to my TPT store.

Here are a few of my favorite products in my store. Head over there to check out more. plus some great FREEBIES!
                                    Check out my Baseball Unit            Have you read YES DAY?                                
                                                      These will last you right 'til summer!       

Sorry those aren't looking lined up...sometimes blogger and I do not get along!

Hi All!
Someday I am going to write a post that is not a linky pah-tay! I just can't seem to squeeze regular 'ole blog posts in between the linkage. The weeks just slip through my fingers. Anyone have any solutions for that I'll take 'em!

Click Here to check out all the bloggy randomness!

1. I am linking up with Molly at Lucky to Be in First though my Five for Friday link...Crazy! Her blog is super adorbs! I love rainbows and my 11 year old black lab is named Molly so her little spot on the web makes me happy. Plus she has tons of super cute stuff! I am linking up to her Freebies on the Fifteenth (a few days late). '

Click Here to check out all the great freebies and Molly's bloggy cuteness. 

There are many lucky teachers out there who are days away from getting out of school. I have 24 more days. But whose counting? Me! My kids this year are a nice bunch, but I love summer as much as the next guy!!

So I've created a "Sun-Sational Summer Journal" to support my students as they enjoy the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. There are three calendars (June, July and August) chock a blocka full of activities to keep your kidlets connected to the amazing learning and knowledge you provided them with all year. I've also included a parent letter and recording sheets. I hope you will find this helpful! If you like it I'd love for you to pour a little feedback sugar into my TPT store. Muchos Gracias my friends!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

2. We had a little fun with non-fiction this week. My best teaching neighbor ever, Stacy, has a bunch of old non fiction big books. They are very readable, if not a little easy at this point in the year. They read their story twice and wrote 3 facts about what they read. The best part was that there are plenty of books for each child so everyone has a different book. No wandering eyes in my room this week! They did awesome! And we can do this again and again because there are so many books. So go scour your schools "old school" non fiction big books.

It took a few shots to get these kids to hold their books up!

If you are just into teacher stuff...run away now. It's all clothes and tv from here!

3. GAP is having a great online sale right now. 40% all their sale items. I've got a big cart going tonight. I am mostly excited about these pants. I've been waiting for them to go on sale for a month. I am generally pretty chilly so I think these will be great through the summer. They have a bunch of great colors! Only a few colors are on sale now. If you dislike these pants sorry I have tortured you with this info.

4. I am currently watching Grey's Anatomy. Does anyone else feel like it is time for this show to end? I have been committed for 9 years now and I'm one nuclear explosion away from quitting. I've just put in so much time that I can't walk away now. I hope Season 10 is the final season.

5. So You Think You Can Dance is Back!!
Yipee!! I just LOVE this show. I danced all growing up from age 7 through being a dance minor in college. Before I became a school teacher I tried to make it as a dance teacher. Sadly few dance teaching jobs are secure with health insurance. So I made the move to elementary school, but we still dance often in my classroom! I get a tiny fill each week when I teach the cutest little group of girls ages 3-5. But you know times are tough because I walk away from that class sore!! Ha! I must get back to doing something. I used to have amazing splits, could put my leg next to my ear, all sorts of cool tricks! Now I'm wiped after 45 minutes of skipping and jumping. Times have changed.
But I relive my youth with SYTYCD! It's awesome. The choreography is what really blows me away. Love it!

Happy Week-ending All!!

It's Sunday... how did that happen? Funny thing I thought i'd be ahead of myself and start writing this post early in the week- which I did. But, I'm just finishing it now. Oh well....

So, are the school weeks getting longer or is it me? I still have 6 full weeks staring at me. I can't complain too much though- There are field trips, field day and special programs all mixed in to make it fly by.... And for those of you down to single digits....we still aren't speaking.

Here's this weeks randomness!

1. Phew!! Barely made it out alive from my TPT cart at the BIG SALE. There are some amazing teachers out there creating true awesome-ness!! Here's a peek at what I got....

Jeremie Tharp at Apples, Crayons and Caffenine has created some beautiful ELA assessments (that's an oxymoron, huh?) to enrich the common core. I got Part 4 since we are winding down, but I'm sure I will be snagging the others up this summer!

Click here to check out Jeremie's store.

2. I got an Ice Cream Number Match by The Camping Teacher. What an adorable way to practice an important skill!! Click her name to check it out! I had no luck uploading a graphic for this one.

3. I spent a small fortune on clip art. I shopped big time in Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah's shop. I am just loving her stuff!! Click Here to check out all her cuteness!

4. We have sprouts! I am not a super big science person. I do a lot of ELA and math with smatterings of science and social studies. Dare I say it, but I am actually looking forward to science curriculum from the Common Core. Maybe you already have them in your state, but we haven't had them approved yet here in Mass. But I digress, I do enjoy teaching plant life. It is so fun for the students to see the fruits of their labor. 

5. Happy Mother's Day from me and my three little cuties. 

I hope to make it back here before next Friday. We will see though! I have a fun freebie planned!



Be sure to pop over to TPT to check out the great Teacher Appreciation sale on May 7-8. Load up for the end of the year and maybe think about getting ready to go back to school. I still have 33 days left so I'll be filling my cart with things for this year.

Thank you to Zip-a-dee-doo-dah-Designs for the adorable button!
Click Here to check out all their adorableness.

I just added a super fun new item to get you excited for beaching, boating and hangin' out poolside.

It contains 5 math activities, 5 literacy activities, opinion writing on summer, a class book about your favorite ice cream (YUM!) and a super cute beachy math craft. 

Here's a little sneak peek of the craft! I will be blogging about these centers and activities heaps more once the temperature hits 70 here. We are still hovering in the high 50s...brbrbrbrrrrr.....

Hope you all made it through Monday ok! Happy TPT shopping!
May snuck right up on my and it is time for Currently again. And away we go....

I can't wait to get tackling that summer bucket list! This is the first year I have no babies to bring to the beach. Everyone can walk and the littlest is starting to talk. Yay!

I am so wishing for a new computer! I want a mac all to myself that I don't have to share with my husband. Ha- and we wonder why our kids fight about sharing.

Check out more CURRENTLY posts with Farley HERE!

Hope your day is sunny and warm!
PLAY BALL!! We did a super home run unit last week and the kids had a great time!
 The kids created their own teams and they came up the cutest team names.
"The Boston Elephants", "The Super Ninjas",
"The Pennsylvania Ponies", "The Peppermints"...I could go on. I loved their work. I wish I could show you every one! They did an awesome job creating their jerseys and hats too!
Here's a glance at the great time we had.

 Click Here to check out my baseball unit over on TPT.

And totally unrelated.... we got to the beach for the first time this week. Yahoo!
Just a little cuteness for you. I love those pudgy feet in the sand.

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine too!
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