Pick a card...Any card...Math card games!

I love having the kids work on math practice using playing cards. my super neighbor Stacy shared some fun games with me this week that I am sharing with you!

Materials: Deck of cards with the face cards taken out, keep the aces in
Players: 2 or more
How to: This game is played just like regular go fish, but instead of looking for pairs the students look to make groups of 10. Deal 7 cards each, look for any matches of 10 right away (7 & 3, 6 & 4, 5 & 5, etc). If they have any 10s I call that the "lucky card", and they get to put the 10 down without a pair. then they start asking the partner for cards that would make a 10 pair. If their partner has the card they asked for that would make 10 they get to go again. If they have to Go Fish and get the card they need they also get to go again. Eventually someone loses all their cards. Then they add up their pairs. Whoever as the most pairs wins.

Materials: Deck of cards with the face cards taken out, keep the aces in
Players: 2 or more
How to play: Lay out all the cards into 5 rows with 8 cards in each row (or 8 rows with 5 cards in each row). Partner 1 looks at the cards and picks two cards next to each other horizontally,
vertically or diagonally and tells their friend the SUM. So if they are look at a 9 and a 3 next to each other they say 12 to their friend. Partner 2 then looks for ANY two cards horizontal, vertical or diagonal that add up to 12. It does not have to be the exact cards the first partner was thinking of. They then pick up the cards and together make a large discard pile. When cards are taken out the players push the cards in to tidy up the rows. So the rows will get smaller and smaller. The object of this game is for players work together to clear all the cards away.

5 IN A ROW!!
Any fun card games you have in your class?
Happy Playing!!

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