Five for Fri(Satur)day!

This has been quite a week in my neck of the woods. I live in Mass and WOW!- What a week!
We have been on school vacation and glued to the t.v., or as glued to the t.v. as one can be with three little peeps. Our plans this week were to go to Boston and visit a close friend, but things got all muddled up with the bombing/manhunt that happened. So my 5 this week are five images that I have seen this week that I feel have struck me at time that was very scary and so close to home.

THANK YOU Neil Diamond for getting up at 4:30 and flying from California to LA to sing "Sweet Caroline" at the Red Sox game.

This logo became the slogan for week and makes me so proud of where I was born, raised and reside!

This is the escort for deceased MIT Police Officer Sean Collier as he traveled back to his home town.
Rest in peace Sean, Martin, Krystie & Lingzi Lu.

All of the town of Watertown was on lockdown yesterday. A family ran out of milk, and this officer got them some.
So sweet!

Nuff said!
There are so many heroes and good people in our world! We must remember that good outweighs evil and continue to be positive for our students.

In Light,


  1. Wow, Deirdre! Your community has definitely been in my prayers! And, I totally agree that the good does outweigh the evil. It's just sad that it takes something so devastating for it to be shown on television!

    You will all continue to be in my prayers!

    The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

  2. I'm a fellow Bay stater. It's been a tough week, but I'm so proud of the way our community has pulled together. If ever anyone doubted our resilience, they don't now. I'm a new follower- found you through the blogs by state!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans


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