Five for, I mean Saturday

I am finally linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. Here are 5 randoms from my week.

1. I have a cold. My husband gave it to me. He got way more rest and relaxation when he was down and out than I have. Why does that always happen? Everyone around here is gross. My house is all boogies and coughing and isn't pretty. I can not wait for this weather to warm up and open a window or 10. Have you ever seen this video about the dreaded man cold? Hilarious!

2. One week until vacation for me!! We have one week in February and one week in April. I am sooo looking forward to a little catch up time. Although my list of things to do is way longer than I'll ever accomplish! I'm an over planner and an under achiever, but at least I'm honest with myself. We really have no plans which is rare and GREAT!

3. I am debating whether or not to move my daughters into a room together. They are 3.5 and 1.5. I want to do it mostly for selfish reasons. My little one has a super tiny room that would make a perfect work/ office/ craft space for me! How selfish is that! But it would also be nice to have them in the same room just so they can grow up together and tell stories and giggle (or fight and whine- whichever!) And it would make putting the laundry away much easier too. One stop shop for the girls! Feel free to weigh in!

4.  We had a great Easter. Although I do not like when it comes so early. We are continuing to do bunny things in school, but it feels funny with it gone. I just purchased Abby Mullin's The Easter Bunny's Assistant Companion Pack.  We will be having some fun with that this week! And at home I feel confused in my decor. Do I keep Easter up? We had my son's superhero 5th bday party 2 weeks ago so my house is a superhero/ easter theme. It's the new decor! Here are my Easter cuties. ps...#4 was like 3 things mushed together.
5. Why is naptime never long enough? I just came up with this one because my little one started her post nap bellow. It is not music to my ears. She's battling the cold too....I am sure it will not be a lovely afternoon.

Hope your afternoon is boogie-free!


  1. Hi Deirdre,
    Absolutely, positively move your daughters in together! They will have fun sharing a space, and they'll learn to share, play, and grow together. It's only in childhood that we let kids have their own rooms. Once they go to college, and usually in adult life, they have to learn to share their space. Why not start now? My daughters shared a room when they were young, and the littler one was more prepared for school than most kids because her older sister played school with her every day. They went into separate bedrooms when the oldest was in middle school. Today, they're 20-somethings and they share an apartment in NYC.

  2. I absolutely love the video clip for the man cold. Is that not the truth? I'm hoping you can get the cold out of your house quickly. I had a cold about a month ago and it lasted for just over two weeks...blah!
    Enchanting Elementary

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  4. I would rather take a sick kiddo over a sick husband ANYDAY! We are having the same discussion at our house about our two boys sharing a room. My 5 year old has been going through a phase where he is scared to sleep in his room so we thought if the 2 year old sleeps with him, he won't be on our floor anymore! Your kiddos are ADORABLE! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower.



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