Five for Friday!

I'm bummed I didn't get another blog post in since last week's Five for..., but sometimes you just can't do it all. I sometimes need to give myself a little forgiveness with the whole full time teacher/ mom of three thing. I like to fill my plate up big time! I work best this way.

So my five...

1. I wore these shoes today because it FINALLY felt like spring. It has been so slow coming here in the Baystate. They just make me happy!
Click Here to get them. I'm sure Target will be sending me residuals for my promoting their business. Ha! Like they need promoting!

2. I took a personal day today because it was my son's kindergarten orientation. Weep! Sniffle! Weep! His new school does an amazing orientation complete with bus ride, classroom craft and a snack. I am so excited for him. They do the "Tools of the Mind" curriculum. I've heard great things about it. I asked one of the teachers her thoughts. She said in her 17 years of teaching it's one of the best things she's ever done. What a great comment to hear!

My sweet boy! Such fun on the bus!
3. We had some fun celebrating Earth Day this week. We made this cute little craft which was a mish mosh of things I saw on Pinterest. Thank you to those people that I mished and moshed their work. That sentence had about 303 things wrong with it.

This was super easy to make! Blue circle, trace and cut your hand in green, make a red heart. Glue together. Done! One of my little guys told me he went home and made another. I was smitten!

4. What day isn't great when one of your cuties brings you daffodils in the morning. Made my day!!
I love little kids.

 5. Shameless cute kids/I can't think of a #5 picture.

We were leaving swim class and they had this little kayak there. Of course my kids had to hop in. They are far from shy- a blessing and a curse. 

Happy weekending. My son has his first t-ball game tomorrow! Then we are going to see one of my favorite author's Peter Reynolds who will be in town! Then I am spending Saturday night away at a house on the beach with my gal pals. Yipee!


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  1. Oh, my I know that feeling! I could blog a lot more if I didn't need sleep. ; )

    I love the shoes and the daffodil. That alone would make it a good week!

    I have two years before my oldest starts K - time is flying by!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  2. Those shoes are so cute!!

    Have a good weekend!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  3. Glad to know someone else has a hard time getting in a blog or two a week. We can forgive ourselves and we can say NO. Ha ha ha!

  4. Yay for Massachusetts! I grew up in Agawam and now I'm stuck in Texas. I found your blog through the Five for Friday linky. Love your Earth day craft!

    Literacy Spark


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