Five for Friday

1. I am on vacation!! I have parked myself on the couch and am ignoring the mess around me because I have all week to deal with it. No big official plans for the vacation week except closet cleaning and organizing- the winter coats are being put AWAY! I also hope to work on some classroom things to share with all of you!!

2. I went to Dairy Queen tonight. Medium vanilla cone with rainbow jimmies....mmmm, perfection!
By the way jimmies are sprinkles here in Massachusetts.  If you ever come to Cape Cod and want to be hip with the locals be sure to ask for jimmies on your ice cream. Sprinkles= tourists
3. I have a wicked headache (more Mass talk for you!). God bless those people that get headaches often. I get about 2 a year and they stink. That cold I wrote about last week is still hanging on and brought the headache along to join in the fun.

4. 45 more days left when we return. 9 full weeks!! In some ways that seems like a lot, but in other ways it seems like we have a lot to cram in a short time...poetry, measurement, geometry, baseball unit, camping unit, animal research projects, tons of assessments, several field trips (2 thumbs up!)  and field day. Whew! Tired just thinking about it...but it also means summer is oh so close!

5. Totally random- just sewed my husband's hockey gear. He plays men's pick up hockey every Friday nite (I like to spell nite that way). I LOVE that he goes. It's my few hours home alone during the week. Kids are all tucked in bed and the computer and tv are all for me! I catch up on all my shows and tool around the blogosphere. Yay!!

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Happy Friday!!


  1. Hey! Found you on the Five for Friday linky. :D I was totally wondering what jimmies were, lol. I'm in the midwest and thought they were some kind of candy, lol. Thanks for the handy tip. I'd give you one about Indiana but here certain words show if you're from North, Central, or Southern Indiana so it's confusing for me too.

    Enjoy your break.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  2. Hi there! I found your blog from Five for Friday! For the record, they are jimmies in Jersey where I grew up, LOL! And my me time is my husband's weekly horseshoe tournament. Love those nights! TV and computer all to myself, ahhhh!
    Enjoy your time off!
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

  3. Happy vacation! I have one more week to go before I am on vacay. I hope you get some warm weather! :)

    Fashion Craze Learning Days

  4. I only know jimmies because my boyfriend is from Boston! In CA, they're sprinkles :) I am with you - can't believe there's just 42 days left for me...but I sure have a lot to do in that little time! Enjoy your peace & quiet :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  5. Okay--I did not know what "jimmies" were until I read Molly's comment above (although I inferred that is what they were--but I'm glad it is confirmed) :)
    This is my first time on your blog and you totally had me with the name! Love it!

    Curious Firsties

  6. Glad to find another MA blogger/teacher. I am a brand new blogger and I teach third grade in western MA. Hope you're enjoying your vacation...I can't believe that it's almost over! They always go by so quickly.


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