A week with Otis

We had a great week in first grade this week. We spent the whole week focusing on the book Otis by Loren Long. If you haven't read it stop by your bookstore or library and take a peek. It is so cute. It covers lots of themes including friendship, resilience, caring and kindness.

We did a whole bunch of ELA activities using Otis a springboard for our learning. Here's a photo tour of our week. 
We sequenced the story. This was a little a-ha moment when I saw that this was tricky for some. We will be doing more of this for practice!

Sorry I can't get this picture to flip! We made story booklets including characters, setting, retell, opinion and favorite part.

We worked on nouns, verbs and adjectives. 

We discussed A LOT of the vocabulary in this book. It has some wonderful words! I made word cards and definitions and the students had to match up. They loved this! We had to do it several times.

 We made these adorable tractors!! We put the sequencing cards with the tractors. These came out sooo cute! The bottom one is a bit different from the kidlets. I redid it and snazzed it up a bit. 

Are you are now thinking..."I'd love to do these Otis' activities with my class. This look like tons of fun." Have no fear! I just posted this to TPT. I call these little book studies "Take a Look in a Book"

Click Here to check out this goodness that will keep your students engaged all week!!

We also watched this super cute video that goes perfect with the book. It is taken at Dollywood where they do play of books and they did Otis! Careful you'll have the song stuck in your head all day. 

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