We spent some time this month working on graphing. One of the first grade Common Core standards is to interpret and represent data. The students interviewed their classmates in 4 areas (sports, colors, animals and fruit) and then recorded and answered questions about their data. They had a blast!

Click Here to check it out on TPT.

Happy graphing!

I'm bummed I didn't get another blog post in since last week's Five for..., but sometimes you just can't do it all. I sometimes need to give myself a little forgiveness with the whole full time teacher/ mom of three thing. I like to fill my plate up big time! I work best this way.

So my five...

1. I wore these shoes today because it FINALLY felt like spring. It has been so slow coming here in the Baystate. They just make me happy!
Click Here to get them. I'm sure Target will be sending me residuals for my promoting their business. Ha! Like they need promoting!

2. I took a personal day today because it was my son's kindergarten orientation. Weep! Sniffle! Weep! His new school does an amazing orientation complete with bus ride, classroom craft and a snack. I am so excited for him. They do the "Tools of the Mind" curriculum. I've heard great things about it. I asked one of the teachers her thoughts. She said in her 17 years of teaching it's one of the best things she's ever done. What a great comment to hear!

My sweet boy! Such fun on the bus!
3. We had some fun celebrating Earth Day this week. We made this cute little craft which was a mish mosh of things I saw on Pinterest. Thank you to those people that I mished and moshed their work. That sentence had about 303 things wrong with it.

This was super easy to make! Blue circle, trace and cut your hand in green, make a red heart. Glue together. Done! One of my little guys told me he went home and made another. I was smitten!

4. What day isn't great when one of your cuties brings you daffodils in the morning. Made my day!!
I love little kids.

 5. Shameless cute kids/I can't think of a #5 picture.

We were leaving swim class and they had this little kayak there. Of course my kids had to hop in. They are far from shy- a blessing and a curse. 

Happy weekending. My son has his first t-ball game tomorrow! Then we are going to see one of my favorite author's Peter Reynolds who will be in town! Then I am spending Saturday night away at a house on the beach with my gal pals. Yipee!


Click Here to hop over to Doodle Bugs to see more Five for Fridays!

This has been quite a week in my neck of the woods. I live in Mass and WOW!- What a week!
We have been on school vacation and glued to the t.v., or as glued to the t.v. as one can be with three little peeps. Our plans this week were to go to Boston and visit a close friend, but things got all muddled up with the bombing/manhunt that happened. So my 5 this week are five images that I have seen this week that I feel have struck me at time that was very scary and so close to home.

THANK YOU Neil Diamond for getting up at 4:30 and flying from California to LA to sing "Sweet Caroline" at the Red Sox game.

This logo became the slogan for week and makes me so proud of where I was born, raised and reside!

This is the escort for deceased MIT Police Officer Sean Collier as he traveled back to his home town.
Rest in peace Sean, Martin, Krystie & Lingzi Lu.

All of the town of Watertown was on lockdown yesterday. A family ran out of milk, and this officer got them some.
So sweet!

Nuff said!
There are so many heroes and good people in our world! We must remember that good outweighs evil and continue to be positive for our students.

In Light,

Before vacation week we had a fabulous time with the book YES DAY! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
It is the cutest book about a little boy whose parents say YES to him all day. Pizza for breakfast? YES! Get ice cream? YES! Stay up late? YES! The kidlets get so excited for this book! Who wouldn't want a day chock full of YES!

Click Here to check out this awesome book!

The kidlets had a great time doing a variety of activities to go along with this book. These are great to do right before vacation because it gets kids thinking about all the fun things they might like to do! I know many of you are so close to your summer vacations! This might be a great choice for you and your students. Here's a tiny taste of some of the activities we did.

We also sequenced the story, wrote persuasive letters to our parents, practiced with story problems, made a class graph and more!
Walk don't run to my TPT store to check my newest "Take a Look in a Book- YES DAY!".

Click Here to check it out.

Hope your day is full of YESES! Especially from your students!

I love having the kids work on math practice using playing cards. my super neighbor Stacy shared some fun games with me this week that I am sharing with you!

Materials: Deck of cards with the face cards taken out, keep the aces in
Players: 2 or more
How to: This game is played just like regular go fish, but instead of looking for pairs the students look to make groups of 10. Deal 7 cards each, look for any matches of 10 right away (7 & 3, 6 & 4, 5 & 5, etc). If they have any 10s I call that the "lucky card", and they get to put the 10 down without a pair. then they start asking the partner for cards that would make a 10 pair. If their partner has the card they asked for that would make 10 they get to go again. If they have to Go Fish and get the card they need they also get to go again. Eventually someone loses all their cards. Then they add up their pairs. Whoever as the most pairs wins.

Materials: Deck of cards with the face cards taken out, keep the aces in
Players: 2 or more
How to play: Lay out all the cards into 5 rows with 8 cards in each row (or 8 rows with 5 cards in each row). Partner 1 looks at the cards and picks two cards next to each other horizontally,
vertically or diagonally and tells their friend the SUM. So if they are look at a 9 and a 3 next to each other they say 12 to their friend. Partner 2 then looks for ANY two cards horizontal, vertical or diagonal that add up to 12. It does not have to be the exact cards the first partner was thinking of. They then pick up the cards and together make a large discard pile. When cards are taken out the players push the cards in to tidy up the rows. So the rows will get smaller and smaller. The object of this game is for players work together to clear all the cards away.

5 IN A ROW!!
Any fun card games you have in your class?
Happy Playing!!
Boston your my home! Well, not exactly my home, but very close! We have spent loads of time there enjoying the city and all its wonderful offerings. Being from Mass we all love our Boston. It is a city of strength and resilience. Thinking of all those today effected by yet another senseless tragedy. When will it end?  Please feel free to share this picture to remember everyone today.
Thank you to the amazing author Peter Reynolds who is a fellow Mass resident for his enlightening words in the midst of a hard situation. 

With peace,

1. I am on vacation!! I have parked myself on the couch and am ignoring the mess around me because I have all week to deal with it. No big official plans for the vacation week except closet cleaning and organizing- the winter coats are being put AWAY! I also hope to work on some classroom things to share with all of you!!

2. I went to Dairy Queen tonight. Medium vanilla cone with rainbow jimmies....mmmm, perfection!
By the way jimmies are sprinkles here in Massachusetts.  If you ever come to Cape Cod and want to be hip with the locals be sure to ask for jimmies on your ice cream. Sprinkles= tourists
3. I have a wicked headache (more Mass talk for you!). God bless those people that get headaches often. I get about 2 a year and they stink. That cold I wrote about last week is still hanging on and brought the headache along to join in the fun.

4. 45 more days left when we return. 9 full weeks!! In some ways that seems like a lot, but in other ways it seems like we have a lot to cram in a short time...poetry, measurement, geometry, baseball unit, camping unit, animal research projects, tons of assessments, several field trips (2 thumbs up!)  and field day. Whew! Tired just thinking about it...but it also means summer is oh so close!

5. Totally random- just sewed my husband's hockey gear. He plays men's pick up hockey every Friday nite (I like to spell nite that way). I LOVE that he goes. It's my few hours home alone during the week. Kids are all tucked in bed and the computer and tv are all for me! I catch up on all my shows and tool around the blogosphere. Yay!!

Hop over to Doodle Bugs to link up!

Happy Friday!!
Just sharing a fun thing we did this week in my first grade classroom. Today we were fortunate enough to go on a walk with the Audubon Society. We checked out a vernal pool, went on a nature walk and then explored our findings under magnifiers. The kids loved it! I'm not so much of a "dig in muck and look for bugs gal", but I did enjoy the fresh air and the nature walk. It was a nice reminder to me though about how many outdoor learning opportunities there are, and how much the kids need to experience learning outdoors as well as indoors.  Here are a few pics from our day. 
Searching through the MUCK

More Muck-A- Luck 

Hello Mr. Salamander!
Being scientists and doing our observations

Here's to your outdoor adventures!

So I posted last week that my closest Target is 45 minutes away. Crazy right? Sometimes I think it's better because I could be there every week spending mucho dinero. I did get a trip there this weekend with no kids and it was blissful. I always wish I had an indispensable income and could just buy all the home decor my little heart desired. Wouldn't you love to just redecorate your home every season, but I digress.

I did pick up a few cute things for my classroom to zazz things up for this time of year. I am so looking forward to some spring cleaning!

I got these cute little scoopers and french fry containers. So adorable! I was really close to buying these adorable peanut erasers being baseball season and all, but couldn't justify the $1 a pack with only 4 and each pack. But I settled for these little cuties. The french fry holders will be tucked about for some long i activities next year. The scoopers are going to be put to work!

Then I thought...Hmmm....What can I scoop? How about those poor bears that often get forgotten. I didn't want something too small for the activity I was doing.

Then I made these little mats for the students to separate their scoops onto.

 Lastly, they add up the three scoops and find their sum! I added some little cones to this worksheet since they are scooping and that makes me think about yummy ice cream....mmmmmmm! And I went to Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's today...good good times, except my poor husband dropped his cone due to a certain middle child.

We also made a cute class book last week about spring. My class book covers are the saddest of sad. I zazzed this spring one up and here it is for you with a writing sheet as well to fill your book. My class loves reading and rereading out class books!

Click Here for the Super Scooper Activity!
Click Here for the Class Book Cover Page!

Here's to Spring!!

I am finally linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. Here are 5 randoms from my week.

1. I have a cold. My husband gave it to me. He got way more rest and relaxation when he was down and out than I have. Why does that always happen? Everyone around here is gross. My house is all boogies and coughing and tissues...it isn't pretty. I can not wait for this weather to warm up and open a window or 10. Have you ever seen this video about the dreaded man cold? Hilarious!

2. One week until vacation for me!! We have one week in February and one week in April. I am sooo looking forward to a little catch up time. Although my list of things to do is way longer than I'll ever accomplish! I'm an over planner and an under achiever, but at least I'm honest with myself. We really have no plans which is rare and GREAT!

3. I am debating whether or not to move my daughters into a room together. They are 3.5 and 1.5. I want to do it mostly for selfish reasons. My little one has a super tiny room that would make a perfect work/ office/ craft space for me! How selfish is that! But it would also be nice to have them in the same room just so they can grow up together and tell stories and giggle (or fight and whine- whichever!) And it would make putting the laundry away much easier too. One stop shop for the girls! Feel free to weigh in!

4.  We had a great Easter. Although I do not like when it comes so early. We are continuing to do bunny things in school, but it feels funny with it gone. I just purchased Abby Mullin's The Easter Bunny's Assistant Companion Pack.  We will be having some fun with that this week! And at home I feel confused in my decor. Do I keep Easter up? We had my son's superhero 5th bday party 2 weeks ago so my house is a superhero/ easter theme. It's the new decor! Here are my Easter cuties. ps...#4 was like 3 things mushed together.
5. Why is naptime never long enough? I just came up with this one because my little one started her post nap bellow. It is not music to my ears. She's battling the cold too....I am sure it will not be a lovely afternoon.

Hope your afternoon is boogie-free!
We had a great week in first grade this week. We spent the whole week focusing on the book Otis by Loren Long. If you haven't read it stop by your bookstore or library and take a peek. It is so cute. It covers lots of themes including friendship, resilience, caring and kindness.

We did a whole bunch of ELA activities using Otis a springboard for our learning. Here's a photo tour of our week. 
We sequenced the story. This was a little a-ha moment when I saw that this was tricky for some. We will be doing more of this for practice!

Sorry I can't get this picture to flip! We made story booklets including characters, setting, retell, opinion and favorite part.

We worked on nouns, verbs and adjectives. 

We discussed A LOT of the vocabulary in this book. It has some wonderful words! I made word cards and definitions and the students had to match up. They loved this! We had to do it several times.

 We made these adorable tractors!! We put the sequencing cards with the tractors. These came out sooo cute! The bottom one is a bit different from the kidlets. I redid it and snazzed it up a bit. 

Are you are now thinking..."I'd love to do these Otis' activities with my class. This look like tons of fun." Have no fear! I just posted this to TPT. I call these little book studies "Take a Look in a Book"

Click Here to check out this goodness that will keep your students engaged all week!!

We also watched this super cute video that goes perfect with the book. It is taken at Dollywood where they do play of books and they did Otis! Careful you'll have the song stuck in your head all day. 

Thanks so much for stopping in!

So excited to be joining Farley for her awesome Currently link up (a few days late)!

I am listening to the ceiling fan because we run it in the hall for the kids as white noise in the nighttime. Although I think I need it now as much as them! I am also enjoying a bit of silence and no one needing me for a few minutes. Today was one of those days where I'd help one kiddo and not two seconds later someone else was saying my name. You know what I'm talking about!

Loving only 8 more days until vacation! Sometimes I wish we didn't have an April vacation, and got out earlier in June. But, whatever I'll take it! Every closet it my home needs spring cleaning. I'll probably get one done...

Thinking about going to see Les Miserables on stage this weekend!! I am going with my best friend and it's two hours away. That's 4 hours of car talk with a girlfriend. I don't know if I am more excited for the show or the ride. Oh, and they'll be shopping too! Our closest Target is 45 minutes away so we will be stopping there!! (45 minutes- yes- that's a post for another day).

My want and need go hand in hand. I want a pedicure badly, but need warm weather. I think we will never see it here.....sigh.

Advice- I am so new to the blogging/TPT world. It's a lot of work, but I love it so far! It is making me excited and resurged in my teaching because I get to share it with all of you! Rome wasn't built in a day. It all takes time....

Have a good one!
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