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This year is the first year I am at peace with my morning work routine. It only took six years, but we have finally managed to get along. This year the kids do two things once they get to their friends and act silly. Gotcha! Hehehe...sometimes those things happen, but generally we try to be a bit more civil. Morning time in my school can be a bit long. The students start arriving at 8:45, but not everyone is there until about 9:15 with buses and drop offs. So it's a lot of time to keep the kidlets occupied.

Each morning they have a specific activity to do. They are....
Monday- write your spelling words
Tuesday- write your spelling words in a fun way (swirly, rainbow, block letters, etc...)
Wednesday- review packet of previous week's phonics concepts (from Reading St.) I have a PLC this morning so this packet keeps them busy with the person covering my classroom
Thursday- write each spelling word in a sentence
Friday- math review paper

We made this little chart as a class to help us remember what to do each day. It has been GRREEEAAT (in a Tony the Tiger voice)!
Our Morning Work chart (with our brag tags!)
Once the students finish that part of morning work they write in their rainbow journals. I just started doing this this year and we all love them. Rainbows make me happy!
The rainbow journal idea is recycled from another fabulous teacher (thank you Marianne!) Everyone starts with a red journal in the beginning of school. This journal has a large space for drawing and a small space for writing. Once students finish up that journal they move on to orange, then yellow, green, blue, purple! The drawing space decreases and the writing space increases as the year goes on. As they finish journals I collect them, check them over and add them to their portfolios. At the end of the school year I will give them their rainbow journals for them to see all the awesome progress they made this year! I know they will be so proud of themselves! I LOVE seeing kids faces when they see how far they have come. It is priceless. It might be my most favorite part of teaching! The best part of the journals in the morning is there is no "I'm done!". If they are done they just go to the next page or they add color to their illustration or go back and check a piece you already did. Again....GRREEEAAT!
The journals are made super simply. I staple about 15-20 pages in between a large 12x18 piece of construction paper. DONE!
How do you manage morning work? 

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  1. Love the Rainbow Journals! Another idea I'd like to steal, I mean, try. ;) I love seeing how the kids progress with their writing through the year.

    WILD About First Grade!


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