Two fun math things tonight!
Bad news- I have no pics of either, but will be sure to get some tomorrow (hopefully that's not a lie).
Thing one- A FREEBIE!

I made this little spring themed freebie to celebrate warm weather coming while we do a bit of math. I filled plastic eggs (from the Dollar Tree) with counters. Students pick 3, write in the addends and find the sum. Simple? Yes! But, just a fun seasonal way to practice important skills. I added this to our math workshop and it was well of the best parts of first grade- it takes very little to be well received!
Click here for the Egg-cellent Bunny Worksheet.

Thing Two- Graph and Laugh (hahaha)
To teach graphing in my room I've always had the kids travel around the room with a clipboard and a plain looking worksheet and ask their friends questions to collect data. We keep it pretty simple. "What is your favorite color?" "What is your favorite animal?" Myself and the best teaching neighbor ever (hi Stacy!) have never had fancy looking products for this activity. And with the Common Core the kidlets are asked to extend their thinking even more. And thus the Graph and Laugh pack has been born. There are 4 different interviews and graphing projects for your students to do- animals, colors, food and sports. Each theme has 5 worksheets of graphing activities. Tons of fun for you and them!!

Click here for the Graph and Laugh pack.

All these thoughts of Spring are hard to believe with more snow on the way. I wasn't meant to be born in this climate.

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  1. Hi Deirdre! I commented back to you on my post, but I wanted you to know I am your newest follower. You blog looks GREAT! I am looking forward to seeing more posts! Best of luck with everything! ;-)


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