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In my class I do a Math Workshop model where students get to choose what math area they will visit each day- very similar to Daily 5! The choices in my class are Math with Technology, Fun with Numbers, Math Facts and Math Games. The theme of today's post is Math Games. I found this awesome pin where a teacher put all the math games her students were using in page protectors and the put them in a binder. She also gave each student a baggie with all the items they'd need for math games- dice, chips, dry erase markers, eraser. Great idea!!! So I recycled it. Sorry for the lack of credit, but I forgot to repin. You out there know how brilliant you are!! Here are what my Math Notebook materials look like. Putting the games in the protectors is a small pain, but i can reuse them from year to year just like lamination. I got the pages in the Math Notebook from the ahhh-mazing Cara Carroll.

And now to my most exciting news of the day! My very first real TPT item! I am giddy. It's like I've joined a secret society. I have been scrambling here there and everywhere to find math games for my students to use in class and also take home to extend their learning. Well...I decided to look no further than myself. We have curriculum maps this year and I made up some fun little games to align with the maps! I did April since that is right around the corner (can I get an A-MEN for some spring weather?). As soon as my report cards and evaluation evidence (anyone doing that?) are over I'll be working on May.
Here are two cuties playing one of my math games. It was "Think Summer" Day! Just 100 more days!
If you have a minute pop over to TPT to check out my Math Games. I also just uploaded a fun song about the equal sign!

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  1. Terrific Job! Congrats on blogging and beginning your store! Nothing can stop you girl! Rock it out!


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