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Linking up with Latoya again this week.
First the info on last week's two truths and a lie... Wait for it.... They were all truths!
I completely messed up and did that post late at night and made a whoops.
So...My aunt was a rockette, I am the youngest and the only girl in my family and I do have dimples in my shoulders. My oldest and youngest have them too!! Super cute!

This week the assignment is The Noun Game...Here are my most favorite nouns

Favorite Person
This is a plural noun. My family is wonderful. My husband is great. He always knows how to make me laugh. He's a great guy and an awesome dad! My kids are so very cute. We are also so lucky to have grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins close by too.

The beach is my favorite place! I love love love love love it. I spend many a daydream thinking about the smell, toes in the sand, the sound of waves...I could go on all day. I live on Cape Cod so I get a lot of beach in the summer. But, I also went to Hawaii once and I loved the beaches there too. I am a warm weather gal for sure! I wasn't made for this New England climate.

I wish it was more sentimental than this, but I love my iPhone. I can't leave home without it. And I am so not proud of myself for that!

I love dogs. Especially my 10 year old black lab Molly. She is honestly the best dog ever. She's getting old and it breaks our hearts. 

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from Latoya's Linky. I love the beach, too. I've never been to Hawaii...maybe one day!:) I'm happy to be your new follower.

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