Getting to know you...Getting to all about you!

Getting to like you...getting to hope you like me...

I got this little idea from Katie at mind sparks. Here's just a few things about me you may be interested in. And here is my interview with me...

Where do you live? Cape Cod Massachusetts

Where do you teach? I teach first grade in a public school. I have been in this school for 6 years.

What is your favorite subject to teach? Hmmm....that's tricky. I used to always say reading, but now it might be math. I also love teaching History/Social Studies which I feel is embedded in our learning.

Any pets? One dog Molly. She's 10 and her bones are getting old

Kids? Three lovely children who sit quietly on the couch and sing songs from "The Sound of Music". Sorry I must have slipped off to a day dream there. Three kids- Yes! Lovely- sometimes!
One boy who is 5 and two girls ages 3 and 1.

What do you watch on tv? Downton Abbey, Revenge, Grey's, The Office, Modern Family and pretty much everything on HBO and Showtime

Favorite book? Anything by Dr. Seuss. I am so sad to say I haven't read a grown up book in a long time. I did read The Daily Five and CAFE books though.

What is your class like? 20 students. 10 girls/ 10 boys...It's a happy little place!

I'll leave you with a little pic of the fam.

Tell me a little something about you!!

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  1. Deirdre--thanks for commenting on my blog. I headed over here from there, and I love the idea of an interview with yourself! Yes, I adore the Dollar Tree down the Cape, lol. Coincidentally, I found one near home when we came back last August. I'm so jealous that you live down there--did you grow up there? I spent my entire summer in S. Yarmouth at my grandmother's house as a kid (originally from Boston). She's gone now, but we rent a house for 3 weeks every summer on the same street. I also have a dear friend who lives in Falmouth. It's my happy place :)


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