Bad Blogger Award

I was so excited about this blogging thing when I started the school year. And....I failed a bit! Whoops. It was back to school crazies, then I turned around and it was Halloween, then Christmas and then hibernation season when you look back and go "What did I do for the last two months?" and here we are (That sentence had about 100 grammar no-nos in it) . I can taste spring in the distance and I'm ready to get going on the blogging thang!!

My first grade class has been having some fun this year. They are a nice group of kiddos this year. I've been waiting for this kind of year! They'll be a class I'll look back on and go "Remember those kids....That was a good year".

Ok- so report cards to do this week and a couple after school meetings and a doctors appointment and I'm going to become a better blogger. I can do this!!

Be back tomorrow with pictures and real "school stuff"!

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