Addends and Difference and Sums...Oh My! and a freebie!

Do your kids get all mixed up with the vocabulary in math? Mine sure do...especially when we talk about addition and subtraction. It can be so very very confusing for them. I always find a little song can be the trick for helping some students to "get it"(kind of like a spoonful of sugar...thanks Mary Poppins!). We are always trying to reach out to those multiple intelligences! So I created two songs or as I like to call them "Witty Little Ditties" to help my students learn these vocabulary words that trip them up so much. These songs focus on the vocabulary involved in addition and subtraction. I hope to make more songs to help us in our math vocab too!

This is also exciting because it is the first thing I've ever posted in Teachers Pay Teachers. I have moved from long time buyer to first time seller. I'm a bit giddy with excitement (or as giddy as one can be at 10:57 p.m.). Enjoy this free little song!

Click Here to get your freebie!

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