Math this year is a bit different for me. We have used Scott Foresman in the past, but I have drifted away from it more and more each year. I didn't even order workbooks the past two years. Between TPT and all the awesome freebies out there I feel like math is more fun that ever! We were given curriculum maps at the start of the school year to guide our instruction and be sure we are hitting the Common Core standards in grade one. These have been helpful to give a road map, but they also allow for some nice freedom within our instruction.

The kidlets have started using math journals this year. I have used Cara Carroll's awesome Calendar Companion to hit the ground running! I love the math journal. My students even ask to do it. The daily journal page is great, but it wasn't covering many of the skills I'd like my friends to be working on daily. So wait for it.....Here is my first FREEBIE! I feel like I should get a gold sticker welcoming me to a secret society. I have blog stalked for sooooo long (since my almost 5 year old was nursing) and here I am making my FREEBIE debut.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to many of Reagan Tunstall'sproducts. Her math tubs are wonderful. She sells them in her TPT store. Great stuff I tell ya!

I have been shuttling Debbie Diller's Math Workshop book from home to school since last year! I hope to sit and read it someday. I think it will help clarify many of my math routines and structures.

I have pictures to add, but it's late and I'm tired. Two very valid excuses!
I thought I would share today a little of how I do some behavior management in my class. I find the trickiest times of the day are the transitions between coming from our desks to the rug, lining up for lunch, coming in for all know- it is when chaos ensues!! In my classroom the class has to WORK TOGETHER (that's the important part) to transition quickly and quietly. I buzzed by this idea once on pinterest and ran with it. I don't remember who or where it came from, but I adapted it to my class needs. Thank you to that someone special out there who got my idea going!

So everytime my kids transition the right way we can earn a pumpkin in our patch. Last month we earned apples on a tree. Once we earn 20 we get to choose a special class treat. For earning twenty apples on the apple tree the students chose to have a pajama day- so fun!!

The super fun part of this is that each month we are working on a new "thing". Apples to pumpkins to turkey feathers to holiday get the idea!! The kids have even been making suggestions of things to do. They'd like to build a snowman this winter and when he is all put together we will do something special. The class reward can even be something you are already planning on doing. This month when we get our pumpkins we will get our Halloween party. Or course I'm planning on having one anyway, but they don't know that! Sneaky- I know.

Here is our October chart. We actually have 8 pumpkins on the vine now.

This is just one management system I use. There is more to come in future posts!! Sit tight!

On a side note- I am watching "Rock of Ages". It is a little ridiculous and I LOVE IT!

Have a great week! Are your kids already gearing up for Halloween? Mine are!
Welcome to my classroom! Since I'm the new kid on the block and I hope I have the right stuff baby (extra points for the 80s reference) ! I thought I would show you around my humble abode. Please excuse the not so fabulous pictures. They were done quickly with my phone on a Friday as I was dashing out. I wanted to put these pictures in a different order, but I am not quite sure how to do that as I am figuring out blogger. Enjoy!
My math tubs chart. Thank you  Reagan Tunstall for this awesome way to spiral math concepts!
My perpetually pitiful desk area. I thought I'd get the skeletons out of the closet right away! It's always messy!
Daily Five charts- I am very new to the Daily Five, but I am LOVING it so far! Would love to link these, but can't remember where I found them.
My calendar area. I love the Dr. Seuss calendar I got this year. It's the little things to get you through the day, right? 
My library area. I found one of these chairs left behind at the beach one day! SCORE!
Welcome to me! I have wanted to do a blog on some level for well over a year...or longer. And here I am! I feel a little fashionably late to the party, but at least I showed up!

I teach first grade. I am not as crafty and original as the many other AMAZING people out there in blogland who I consider my close friends (they just don't know it yet)! I do love tweaking and using ideas to fit my class needs though.

My class is a little daily 5, a little whole brain teaching, some math tubs and dancing fun thrown in for good measure. Hope you'll follow me on my blog journey!

Here are a few pics for fun!
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